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Twinning Towns

Moldova: Soroca


Address: Consiliului Raional Soroca, Str.Stefan cel Mare 5, MD-3006 mun.Soroca, Moldova
Head of the Municipality: Ghenadie Muntean
E-mail: consiliu@soroca.org.md, presedinte@soroca.org.md
Phone: +373 023022650
Website: http://www.soroca.org.md

Brief description of the municipality: Soroca is a city in Moldova on the Dniester River about 160 km north of Chisinau. Soroka district's name was first mentioned in 1499.gadā. It is the administrative center of the district Soroka. The is one town and 68 villages located in Soroca district.  Town land area - 11.88 km2, a population of district ~ 95,018, in Town ~ 22.196. 

Areas of cooperation: culture, arts and sports, children and youth support programs, ecology and natural resources rational use, tourism, including medical tourism, business environment and social sector.

Georgia: Khashuri

Address: Khashuri Municipality, 2 Tabidze Street, 5700 Khashuri, Georgia
Head of the Municipality:  Giorgi Guraspashvili
Telephone: +995 368 242285
Brief description of the municipality: area: 582 km², population: in the region ~70,000, in the town ~ 30,000. Khashuri is a town in the central part of Georgia, and it acquired its town status in 1921. The Khashuri Region includes 81 villages. The region is rich with cultural monuments, mountain rivers and lakes.
Cooperation areas: exchange of official delegations, public organisations, specialists of different fields, tourist groups, amateur collectives and sportsmen. Bilateral exchange of good practice. The twinning agreement was concluded on 24 September 2011.

Sweden: Hedemora Commune

Address: Hedemora kommune, Box 201, 776 28 Hedemora, Sweden
Head of the Municipality: Ulf Hansson
Telephone: 0225 341 70
Website: www.hedemora.se
Brief description of the municipality: area: 934.04 km2, population: in the region ~ 15,500, in the town ~ 7,000; Hedemora is a municipality in the Dalarna Province in the central part of Sweden. Hedemora is the oldest and the only medieval town of the Dalarna Province. The town centre is rich with ancient wooden buildings. Hedemora has a gymnasium, several private schools, culture houses, a theatre, sports structures and recreation areas. Energy production is well-developed in Hedemora.
Cooperation areas: fields of economics, education, culture, health and social care, sports, environment, recreation and tourism. The cooperation between Bauska and Hedemora began already in the 1990s, but the cooperation agreement between the Bauska Town Council and Hedemora was concluded in 2003. The delegation of Hedemora Town has visited Bauska many times and provided support to the Bauska Hospital, Red Cross Organisation, schools and other organisations.

The Czech Republic: Nachod

Address: PSC 547 61, Masarykovo nám. 40, Mesto Nachod, The Czech Republic
Head of the Municipality: Jan Birke
Telephone: 491405200
Brief description of the municipality: area: 33.32 km2, population: ~21,500. Nachod is a town in the Hradec Králové County. The town has diverse historical buildings, e.g. castles with French gardens, churches, Town Hall, Post Building of the Old Town. Also the Regional Gallery and Museum of Art is located in Nachod.
Cooperation areas: maintaining a dialogue between the municipalities to share experience and implement common activities in the sports, culture and social field by advancing and supporting the exchange of experience of our fellow-citizens. The twinning agreement was concluded on 23 July 2010.

Lithuania: Pakruojis

Address: Biudžetinė įstaiga, Kęstučio g. 4, LT-83152 Pakruojis
Head of the Municipality: Saulius Margis
E-mail: meras@pakruojis.lt, savivaldybe@pakruojis.lt
Telephone/Fax: (8 421) 69 073
Website: www.pakruojis.lt
Brief description of the municipality: area: 1.316 km2; population: in the region 29,500, in the town ~ 6,000; the town has over 410 local and state importance cultural monuments and it is rich with artificial water bodies of quarries and basins; well-developed agriculture and tourism.
Cooperation areas: entrepreneurship, exchange of information and experience, attraction of investments, collaboration amongst libraries, museums and other culture institutions, sports and youth organisations, and non-governmental organisations.

Lithuania: Radviliškis
Address: Radviliškio rajono savivaldybė Aušros a. 10, 82196 Radviliškis
Head of the Municipality: Antanas Čepononis
E-mail: meras@radviliskis.lt, informacija@radviliskis.lt
Telephone: (+370) 422 69 003
Website: www.radviliskis.lt
Brief description of the municipality: area: 1.635 km2, population: in the region ~ 42,900, in the town ~ 19,000. The town is situated in the north of Lithuania. The town is crossed by an important railway hub, and its derivation Daugavpils-Radviliškis was the main stimulus for the town development. The town is a popular tourism destination with several mills, castles, ancient churches and historical buildings.
Cooperation areas: exchange of delegations (non-governmental organisations, specialists of national economy fields, tourist groups, amateur collectives, sportsmen, etc.), implementation of common ideas and projects.

Poland: Rypin

Address: 87-500 Rypin, ul. Warszawska 40, Poland
Head of the Municipality: Paweł Grzybowski
E-mail: sekretariat@rypin.eu
Telephone:  +48 54 280 96 00
Website: www.rypin.eu
Brief description of the municipality: area: 10.96 km2, population: ~ 17,000. Rypin is situated in the eastern part of Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship and approximately 50 km from Toruń. This town is amongst the oldest ones in Poland.
Cooperation areas: fields of economics, education, culture, health and social care, sports, environment, recreation and tourism. Exchange programs. Cooperation with Rypin was commenced in 2007 when Polish delegation visited the Bauska Town Council and cooperation agreement was sighed according to a mutual understanding. Further exchange of delegations and cooperation amongst school youth, sportsmen and entrepreneurs is planned in the framework of the cooperation.