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Made in the Bauska County

Brewery Bauskas alus

Founded in 1981.

Since the beginning of the company until today, the company’s brewers have remained faithful to the classic brewing technology with which the brewery has conquered its place in the market and in the hearts of people.

The company still employs the oldest and the most experienced brewer in Latvia - Kārlis Zālītis who has been awarded with the 5th degree Order of the Three Stars and the highest award of the Bauska County Municipality “Life-long Contribution” for his work.

The company is well-known not only for its beer, but also for its non-alcoholic malt beverages Veselība and Porteris. These drinks are produced according to the recipe and technology developed by Kārlis Zālītis in 1961, on which these popular and healthy drinks are based on. The company takes pride in the fact that it does not use any preservatives in its products.

The company is continuously modernised and works on improving product quality to ensure the highest quality products to the consumers.

Company’s products often receive international recognition with awards and medals.



The entire production made by the company:

  • Bauskas tumšais alus premium (Premium Dark Beer of Bauska)
  • Bauskas tumšais alus speciālais (Special Dark Beer of Bauska)
  • Bauskas gaišais speciālais alus (Special Light Beer of Bauska)
  • Bauskas senču alus (Ancestors Beer of Bauska)
  • Bauskas alus nefiltrēts (Bauska Beer Unfiltered)
  • Iesala dzēriens “Veselība” (Malt Beverage Veseliba (Health))
  • Iesala dzēriens “Porteris” (Malt Beverage Porteris (Porter))
  • Iesala dzēriens (Malt Beverage)
  • Bauskas kvass

Food Production Unit Kronis Ltd.

Kronis Ltd. was founded in 1993.

The company is processing products grown by farmers: green peas, cucumbers, beetroots, potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, berries and fruit.

The company is remarkable with its ambitious growth. The volumes and diversity of its products are growing on annual basis. Tinned food, pickles, juices, soups, dressings, pesto and bruschettas of Kronis Ltd. are popular in Latvia and abroad.

The company’s products  gained recognition in the assessment organised by the Association of Enterprises; the award “Latvian Product of the Year” (Latvijas gada prece) has been received several times, as well as the awards in the exhibition Choose Latvian Product (Izvēlies Latvijas preci).

The products of the company have received the trademark Quality Product (Kvalitatīvs produkts).

In 2010, the Council of Marketing awarded the company with the Quality Flag (Kvalitātes karogs) of the Green Spoon (Zaļā karotīte) to recognise the quality and stability of the company.

Company’s products are being exported to Estonia, Lithuania, Ireland, England, and Russia. The company is cooperating with the largest Latvian networks of stores Maxima, RIMI, etc.


Products of Kronis Ltd.:

  • Tinned vegetables – 25 kinds
  • Pickles – 10 kinds
  • Soups – 11 kinds
  • Juices – 22 kinds
  • Marmalade and jams – 17 kinds
  • Cranberries in powdered sugar
  • Product line Rundāle – 50 kinds of products (pesto, wok, horseradish, bruschettas, dressings)

Lielzeltiņi Ltd. – the Largest Poultry Farming Company in the County

Lielzeltiņi Ltd. with its dynamic development over the last 17 years has become one of the leading poultry meat producers in the Baltic States. The modern poultry farming company covers an area of over 30 hectares near Bauska, and its operation is focused on the Latvian and foreign markets.

Resources from the European Union’s funds have been widely used in improvement of production, and the total amount of investments into the company exceeds ten million Latvian lats resulting into the implementation of the most modern European technologies for keeping and growing poultry birds. Such conditions guarantee the quality and safety of products.

Poultry bird growing has been concentrated in Bauska, a modern forage production unit has been constructed, and a modern abattoir has been established. The production completion and logistics centre is operating in Riga.

Processing of meat takes place in the processing shop, where more than 30 kinds of products are being prepared.


The company’s products are characterised by the trademark Rural Pride of Latvia (Latvijas lauku lepnums).

Lielzeltiņi Ltd. is the laureate 2004 of the most popular and widest competition for agriculturists in Latvia, i.e. Sower (Sējējs).

Poļu nams Ltd. – Production Unit of Sweets


The company produces sweets Saldā brunette (Sweet Brunette), Saldā blondīne (Sweet Blonde), Saldā pērle (Sweet Pearl) and Jaunā blondīne (Young Blonde). All the products are handmade.




Klippan Saule Ltd. – Woollen Yarn

Since 1997, Klippan – Saule Ltd. has been a subsidiary of a Swedish enterprise Klippan Textil AB. The production takes place in Riga and Bauska. Klippan Group offers two collections: Latvian and Swedish versions. Klippan – Saule also makes products according to the designs of clients. Both Latvia and Sweden are involved in developing new designs, sale and marketing, and the cooperation between the two companies is very close. Such conditions allowed gaining positive results and having stable positions in the markets of the Baltic States, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Russia, Germany, Ukraine, Iceland, Switzerland, Japan, USA, the Great Britain, Ireland, etc.

The range of products includes rugs, blankets, covers, yarn, carded wool and ponchos made of 100% New Zealand wool. The drawings are made by highly qualified and creative designers.


LRS Mūsa – Combined Forage

LRS Mūsa Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of combined forage with a stable position in the Latvian market for the last two decades. LRS Mūsa Ltd. offers various types of combined forage and raw materials, additional nutrition (concentrates) and mineral nutrition. The company produces wholesome forage for pigs, cattle, sheep and goats. The forage production company is also involved in grain preliminary treatment, storage, forage production and its sale. In addition to the self-made forage, the company also offers to farmers  imported products from the largest German cooperative „AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG”, as well as forage storage towers, manure depositories and food mixers.



Krišjāņi – Cheese, Dairy Products

The farmstead Krišjāņi produces dairy products and cheese.

The most popular products of Krišjāņi production unit are cream, sour cream, cottage-cheese and yogurt.

The farmstead opened its production unit with four types of fresh cheese made of cottage-cheese. At the moment, there are more than ten types of such cheese, savoury and sweet, with different spices, as well as smoked cheese made in the country-side in a curing establishment fired with alder wood.

The range of cheese products is continuously extended, and at the moment the range of cheeses has 16 sorts.


Uldis Biķernieks Ltd. – Food Processing Equipment

The main specialisation of the company is capital repair and sale of thermoforming vacuum packaging equipment and assembling and technical maintenance of all the necessary solutions.

The company taken into account the needs of every client by offering individual solution for every order and by assembling the equipment with any kind of solutions.

If necessary, the company provides guarantee repairs and post-guarantee service to the locally repaired packaging equipment. The range of company's services includes KOPPENS semi-manufactured goods which are purchased, fully repaired and delivered to the clients (meatball forming equipment, wet and dry breading equipment, etc.).

Upon a client’s request, the company undertakes the repairs, and supply,  of any kind of meat processing equipment.

The company also offers new locally manufactured Fast Food equipment to its clients.


Gusto Ltd. – Cosmetics

Human and environmentally friendly cosmetics made of natural ingredients. No parabens.

GUSTO is a small family company which offers high quality natural cosmetics to its clients and partners. The entire production cycle is manual work with contribution of true love and respect towards the clients.

The production uses solely natural ingredients obtained in fair trade: valuable oil of plants, butters, floral waters, essential oils and active substances of natural origin.

Different facial creams and extensive range of hand and foot creams, body butters, scrubs, and oils with scents and ingredients of various herbs and fruit are offered. The product range includes also lip balms.

The company offers excursions to small groups; demonstrations and master classes of making natural cosmetics are also possible.

Geka Ltd. – Souvenirs

The company was established in 1993. Today,  GEKA Ltd. has a structural unit in Riga and a store and a workshop in Bauska.

The company is competitive, modern, socially responsible and trustworthy towards its employees, partners and clients.

The future objectives of the company include becoming the leading manufacturer and service provider of awarding goods and goods for persons enjoying an active style of life in the Baltic States, the activity of which combines the traditions dating back for centuries with modern manufacturing technologies.



Household Kāpostnīca – Production Unit for Cabbages

The product range includes more than 7 kinds of sauerkraut, at least 3 kinds of cabbage salad and cabbage stew. The company offers unconventional tastes.

Over the season, the company sells approximately 30 tons of sauerkraut.

The products are made according to old methods - stones are used for pressing the cabbage, and the cabbage shredder is handmade.

The company cooperates with schools and catering companies, and the cabbages are also sold in Bauska, Brunava and elsewhere in Latvia.

Farmstead Celmi – Homemade Cheese

Founded in 1992. The homemade cheeses of farmstead Celmi are not only popular amongst the residents of Zemgale, but since 1998 have also been known and appreciated by the residents of Riga.

Homemade cheeses are always fresh, because they are made on daily basis, and only the milk of cows owned by the farmstead is used for making the cheese.

Compared to other producers, the farmstead Celmi offers the largest range of homemade cheeses, and therefore these country treats are in demand.

They are excellent as the main course for making daily sandwiches, for vegetable or meat stews, soups and different savoury and sweet salad.


Farmstead Kraujas – Pork Products, Cured Products

The farmstead Kraujas was established in 1991 and since then it has been involved in pig farming.

Over these years, the company has been working on improving the meat quality. Fresh pork and porklings are offered on the market.

Cured pork is made according to grandmother’s recipe, adding only natural spices for meat processing. The company remains faithful to these recipes and does not use any chemical additives.

The farmstead offers chicken and duck meat grown in natural conditions and quality home eggs.

Visitation Farmstead Vaidelotes

Founded in 1992. Visitation farmstead, ancient cuisine, national cuisine, bread baking, spices, teas. Domestic producer Vaidelotes offers traditional Latvian cuisine and home-grown and ground flour treats (bread, pies and cookies). Opportunity to see the collections of spices and medicinal herbs, to try the teas of medicinal herbs and enjoy the ancient Latvian cuisine.

Farmstead Dārzi

The farmstead started its operation in 1992. Sea buckthorn juice, syrup, oil, tea, jams with various additives, chokeberry and rowansyrups and jams.

The farmstead is managed by a gardener with over 40 years’ experience in orcharding. The first sea buckthorn plants were planted in the farmstead in April 2004. In 2009, the farmstead acquired the certificate of a biological farmstead. Currently biologically certified sea buckthorn is grown in an area of 20 ha.

Product range of farmstead Dārzi:

– Sea buckthorn thick juice (cold squeezed or pasteurized thick juice of biologically grown sea buckthorn 100%);
– Tea of sea buckthorn berries and leaves (pulp and leaves of biologically grown sea buckthorn berries 100%);
– Sea buckthorn oil;
– Sea buckthorn jam (juice, sugar, fruit pectin of sea buckthorn);
– Jams - sea buckthorn and red bilberry, sea buckthorn and strawberry, sea buckthorn and apple, sea buckthorn and pumpkin, sea buckthorn and rowan, chokeberry (sea buckthorn juice, berries or fruit, sugar, fruit pectin of sea buckthorn in all jams);
– Tasty sea buckthorn honey pot (sea buckthorn pulp, honey);
– Rowan jelly (rowan juice, sugar);
– Sea buckthorn, chokeberry, cherry and rowan syrups (berry juice, sugar);
– Sea buckthorn jelly candies;
– Frozen biological sea buckthorn berries LV-BIO-01 (Class A).


Dūmiņu vīna darītava Ltd. – Homemade Wine

Making of different fruit and berry wines. Dūmiņu vīna darītava (Dūmiņi Winery) is the first production unit of this kind in the Bauska County.

At the moment, 26 different sorts of wine are being produced.

The common apple, grape and currant wines are supplemented with such extraordinary wines as dandelion and even beetroot juice wines.

Winemaking is a family tradition. The company has been operating only since 2012. Dūmiņu vīna darītava Ltd. is one of the seven small wineries in Latvia producing up to 1 ton of wine per year. With the sale of the produce in mind, a wine-tasting room has been established to welcome tourists for wine-tasting.

Jaunkrasts Ltd. Production Unit of Red Beetroots

Jaunkrasts Ltd. is a relatively new and perspective company in the field of production. Jaunkrasts Ltd. has conquered its place in the Latvian and foreign markets. The company is competitive with both its goods and employees who are competent and skilful in their field.

The 8,000 square metres large production unit has the currently most modern European equipment for preparing boiled red beetroot.

The products are sold with the trademark Ezerkauliņi of the cooperative society Baltijas dārzeņi.

Beets are grown in the fields of Jaunkrasts Ltd.

Uzvara strauti Ltd. – Pork Production

The company is the largest swine breeding complex in Zemgale and one of the largest in Latvia. Approximately 60% of production the company sells using its own channels. The pig farms holds approximately 10,000 pigs for meat production.

The meat processing shop produces approximately 30 sorts of sausages and 15 sorts of cured meat. Piena (Milk) and Doktora (Doctor’s) sausages and cured meat are the most demanded products of the company. Only the self-grown pork and beef purchased from the local farmers are used in the production.

Gaižēni Ltd. – Skalderi/ Tunkūni - Pork Production

Gaižēni Ltd. was registered in 1995, but the production unit of Bauska started working in 2007. The company’s basic activity is swine breeding and mixed agriculture (crop farming and livestock farming).

The establishment of a new complex with 14,000 pigs for meat production is planned. The number of sows is reaching 1,500. 45,000 piglets with weight up to 30 kg are produced. A half of them is sold in the local market, but the other half is exported to Poland, Estonia and Lithuania.

Blacksmith’s Workshop U&A

Production of art and decorative forgings, small forms, interior and exterior objects, awards, ancient weaponry.

Production of art and decorative forgings is the main direction of activity. The majority of all products are original works made in only one copy.

Jewellery Forger Māris Braže

Making of the ancient Semigallian jewellery (10th – 12th century). Demonstrations of the craft of a jewellery forger. Stories and demonstrations about correct wearing of the ancient Semigallian clothing and jewellery (10th – 12th century).


Woodcarver Aivars Students

Manufacturing and restoration of furniture, carving of different products and sculptures for garden and park decoration.

In 1995, A. Stundents was granted the title of the National Master of Craftsmanship.

He is an active participant in woodcarving symposiums (Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Japan, Estonia). His works are purchased by Latvian and foreign private collectors.

Creator of the wooden sculpture composition Zaķīšu pirtiņa (Bathhouse of Hares) located in the memorial museum Lejenieki of the Latvian poet Vilis Plūdonis.

Mūsas galdnieks Ltd., Juris Ruķeris

Manufacturing of furniture. Manufacturing of woodworking and joinery products. Furniture, doors, stairs, windows, and grave signs are made upon individual orders.

Workshop Liepiņa – Weaving Works

Weaving from natural materials: flax, wool and cotton.

National costumes, tablecloths, napkins, towels, handmade socks, gloves and other handicrafts. The diversity of ethnographical elements and 100% natural materials are used to make these original products.


Individual Enterprise Novads – National Costumes and Knitwear

The company makes knitwear dresses, sarafans, costumes, jumpers, jackets, vests, sleeveless pullovers, skirts, coats, socks, scarves, hats, cloaks, etc. upon orders of the clients.

Fabric is used for tailoring dresses, costumes, blouses, trousers, skirts, coats, etc. Repair of different knitwear and fabric clothing, except underwear and leather clothing.

Making of Latvian national costumes. Presentations for the completed products. Leather goods (notepads, pastalas, small notebooks).

Art Studio Stella – Textile Products

Possibility to purchase woven items, handicrafts, blankets, and woven, crochet and embroidered pillows, warm scarves, shawls and clothing. The company makes costumes, national costumes and choir costumes for collectives.

Ints un ko Ltd. - Flowers

Growing of autumn flowers. Garden and balcony flowers. Growing of flower seedlings – French marigolds, begonias, cinerarias, alyssum, and pansies in different colours. Flower boxes – lobelia, verbena, calibrachoa, fuchsia, ipomoea, New Guinea balsam, scaevola, etc. Fruit producing balcony strawberries, balcony tomatoes and ornamental peppers are also in demand.


Intarsija Ltd. – Historic Furniture, Restoration

Founded in 1992. Furniture upholstering, change of fabric. Antique furniture, restoration of antique furniture. Restoration of construction joinery elements, antique doors and windows, making, restoration and renewal of furniture parts, historic furniture, mending, repairs, tables, chairs, closets, painting frames, cupboards, commodes, standard furniture, garden furniture, children furniture, chairs, mirrors, sectional furniture, beds, solid wood furniture, sale of furniture, tales, ceiling restoration, panel restoration, woodcarving restoration, polishing works, furniture polishing, varnishing, decoration works.


The company AVU LOGI is involved in production and installation of plastic windows, doors and other PVC structures in Bauska, the Bauska County and elsewhere in Latvia. Extensive experience has been gained over the years of work and used to improve the production processes. Full cycle of operation has been developed in the framework of the company’s services starting with the company’s expert’s  arrival at the object free of charge, consultations about choosing the best option of glazing and acceptance of the order, fast and quality production and delivery of windows and doors to the object, work of an installation team: dismounting of old frames and installation of the new ones, and finally, decoration of openings.

More information and contacts on: www.avulogi.lv.

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