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Receiving a permit for street sale in public areas

Receiving a permit for street sale in public areas
Street sale means trading of goods in public areas arranged by the municipality or approved by the municipality, including sale from movable retail points.
Public area is any area outside buildings and the permanent place of sale that is available to consumers irrespective of their form of property rights.
Actions to receive the permit
In order to receive the permit from the municipality for performing/organising street sale, a written application with the required documents shall be filed to the Customer Service Centre of Bauska County Municipality at Uzvaras iela 1, Bauska, at least five working days before the respective event.
The application and enclosed documents may be filed also online using electronic data carriers to the official e-mail address dome@bauska.lv.
Access to the application form
Application form can be downloaded from here
Required documents
Mandatory to be enclosed in the application:
1. Copy of a document certifying the economic activity registration;
2. Confirmation of a physical entity that it is not performing economic activity or that it is not under the obligation to register as a performer of economic activity pursuant to the Law on Personal Income Tax, and that does not employ other persons;
3. If selling self-produced agriculture products is planned, documents confirming the lawfulness of using the land (copy of a confirmatory document, if the seller’s property from which the agriculture products are obtained is not registered in the Bauska County);
4. In the event of selling food, documents certifying the right to enter food circulation and compliance with the requirements of food circulation stipulated in the regulatory enactments (e.g. veterinary, hygiene, labelling requirements for food circulation) during the sale;
5. Licences required for certain entrepreneurship or types of economic activity or sale of products in compliance with the regulatory enactments (e.g. sale of goods subjected to the excise duty – alcoholic beverages, tobacco products);
6. Approval by the real estate owner or the legal holder who is a private entity, or the manager of the real estate owned by the State, about the planned trade activity if this is to be carried out at the aforementioned property;
7. Approval by the event organiser about carrying out trade activity at the place and in the time of the event, if the trade activity is planned at the place and at the time of the event, except when the event organiser is the Bauska County Municipality or its established institution.
Term for decision-making and issuing the permit
The municipality shall examine the documents and issue the permit, or decide to reject the permit application and inform the applicant thereof in writing within five working days.
Regulatory enactments governing public event organisation
The Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 440 of 12/05/2010 “Regulations on the Types of Sale to Be Approved by the Municipality and on the Procedure of Sale Organisation”
Law on Handling of Alcoholic Beverages
Price of the service
The service is free of charge
Contact information in the event of questions
Customer Service Centre ph. +371 63922238, e-mail: dome@bauska.lv
Commission for Issuing Permits and Licenses:
Chairman of the Commission:
Members of the Commission:
Līga Kausiniece, tālr.63921944, e-pasts: liga.kausiniece@bauska.lv
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