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License for Production of Wine, Fermented Beverages or Other Alcoholic Beverages

A person who would like to start producing wine, fermented beverages or other alcoholic beverages from products originating from their private or managed gardens or apiaries or from wild plants (without adding alcohol or alcoholic beverages produced by other persons) should file an application to the Bauska County Municipality in order to receive a license. A license shall be issued for an indefinite period of time.

Merchant – a legal or physical entity which has registered its economic activity.

Actions to receive a license
In order to receive a license a merchant should file a written application with the required documents to the Customer Service Centre of the Bauska County Municipality at Uzvaras Street 1, Bauska.

The application shall be signed by the responsible official of the merchant and it must include the following information:
1.    Name, registration number and registered address of the merchant;
2.    Assortment and volume of alcoholic beverages to be produced, and/or volume of the absolute alcohol;
3.    Address of the place of production.
The application and enclosed documents may be filed also online using electronic data carriers and sending them to the official e-mail address dome@bauska.lv.

Required documents
Documents to be enclosed in the application:
1.    Copy of the merchant’s registration certificate;
2.    Copy of a document confirming the rights of using the place of production;
3.    Copy of registration and/or recognition certificate of the Food and Veterinary Service.

Access to the application form
Application form can be downloaded here

Regulatory enactments governing the provision of the service
Law On Handling of Alcoholic Beverages
Bauska County Council binding regulations No. 9 “Procedure for Issuing Licenses for Production of Wine, Fermented Beverages or Other Alcoholic Beverages in the Bauska County”

Price of the service
The service is free of charge

Decision adoption deadline
The Commission for Issuing Permits and Licenses shall adopt its decision within 10 days after filing of the application.

Contact information in the event you have further questions
Customer Service Centre phone number: +371 63922238, e-mail: dome@bauska.lv
Commission for Issuing Permits and Licenses:
Chairman of the Commission:


Members of the Commission:
Līga Kausiniece, tālr.63921944, e-pasts: liga.kausiniece@bauska.lv
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Jānis Dūmiņš
Andris Arcimovičs
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