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Issuance of a permit for organisation of public events

Issuance of a permit for organisation of public events
Pursuant to the procedure established in the Republic of Latvia, organisation of public (culture, sports or advertisement) events in the Bauska County requires obtaining a permit from the Bauska County municipality for organisation of public events.
What is a public event?
Public event – a festive, commemorative, entertaining, sports or recreational event planned and organised by a physical or legal entity and available to the public at a public venue irrespective of the ownership of the property.
Event organiser – a capacitated physical entity, legal entity or state or municipality institution planning and organising the public event.
Situations when the permit is not required
A permit for organisation of public events is not required if such are organised by a State or municipality institution, if public events are organised in premises or if public sports events are organised at sports centres.
When a public event is organised by a State or municipality institution, it shall notify the municipality on the place and time of the event.
Receiving the permit for organisation of public events does not apply to:
1. Events organised by religious organisations registered according to the established procedure at churches, prayer houses, cemeteries and other territories owned by such organisations;
2. Meetings, street processions and pickets regulated separately by the Law on Meetings, Street Processions and Pickets;
3. Funeral ceremonies.
State and municipality institutions do not organise public events and the municipality is not issuing permits for organisation of events on commemoration days that are on March 25, May 8, June 14 and July 4. Only events conforming to the character of the commemoration days may be organised on the aforementioned dates.
Actions to receive the permit
A written application with the required documents shall be filed to the Customer Service Centre of the Bauska County Municipality at Uzvaras iela 1, Bauska, not later than 15 days before the respective event takes place.
Access to the application form
Application form can be downloaded here
Required documents
Mandatory documents to be enclosed in the application:
1. Copies of contracts concluded between the event organiser and persons responsible for maintaining order, persons responsible for the technical safety, as well as public order and safety of the public event with presentation of the originals;
2. Detailed schedule of the event;
3. Written consent of the owner of the venue of the event to its organisation if the owner is other person than the event organiser;
4. In the event dangerous equipment is to be located or used at the event venue, the event organiser shall supplement the application with the copies of permits required for the use of the dangerous equipment by their holder and other documents required for operation of such equipment as stipulated in the regulatory enactments, and originals shall be presented.
When filing the application, the event organiser shall present a personal identification document, but the representative of a legal entity shall also present documents that prove his/her rights of representation of the respective legal entity.
Additionally, the event organiser shall send a copy of the application to the Bauska Station of Zemgale Region Administration of the State Police.
If the municipality decides to issue a permit for organisation of a public event, the event organiser shall purchase third party liability insurance. The municipality shall issue the permit for organisation of a public event after the organiser of the event has submitted copies of documents confirming the third party liability insurance, and their originals must be presented. The event organiser shall submit the copies of documents confirming the third party liability insurance not later than two days before the planned public event. If the event organiser has failed to submit the copies of documents confirming the third party liability insurance within the stipulated term, the municipality shall not issue the permit for organisation of the respective event.
Regulatory enactments governing organisation of public events
Law on Safety Arrangements for Public Entertainments and Festive Events ("LV", 104 (3262), 06.07.2005);
The Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 298 of 08.05.2007 “Regulations on Mandatory Third Party Liability Insurance of a Public Event Organiser” ("LV", 76 (3652), 11.05.2007);
The Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 526 of 27.06.2006 “Procedure for the Event Organiser to Ensure Emergency Medical Aid at a Public Event” ("LV", 101 (3469), 30.06.2006).
Price of the service
The service is free of charge
Term for adoption of the decision
The Commission for Issuing Permits and Licenses shall adopt its decisions within 10 days  after the date of application (if the application and all necessary documents have been submitted at least 15 days before the event).
Contact information in the event of questions
Customer Service Centre ph. +371 63922238, e-mail: dome@bauska.lv
Commission for Issuing Permits and Licenses:
Chairman of the Commission:


Members of the Commission:
Līga Kausiniece, tālr.63921944, e-pasts: liga.kausiniece@bauska.lv
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