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Bauskas Industrial and Logistics Park

Total land: 114,6 Ha (former air field) Land in use: 86 Ha

Address: Lidlauka iela 7, Biržu iela 86, Bauska

Contact information: Bauska Municipality, phone nr: +371 20213021, e-mail: dome@bauska.,lv

Contact information: Zemgale planning region, phone nr.:  +371  63027549,  e-mail: zpr@zpr.gov.lv

Bauska municipality owns a vacant former airfield 114.6 ha which main purpose will serve as a land for Bauska Industrial and Logistics Park. Detailed plan of Bauska ILP expects development to be carried out in two phases:

  • 1st  stage (1-5 years) – approximately 17 hectares (excluding roads) is planned nearby street B7 towards west and nearby highway A7;
  • 2nd stage (5-10 years) – approximately 22 hectares (excluding roads) is planned nearby street B7 towards east.

In order to ease the business conditions and attract tenants – it is planned to develop facilities from 6 000 to 10 000 square meters with simple sandwich type panels with several gates for lorries.

The most promising sectors which could mainly operate within Bauska ILP are:

  • Processing manufacturing (food processing, beverages production, woodworking, printing and reproduction of recorded media, machinery and equipment repair and installation, fabricated metal product manufacturing, furniture manufacturing)
  • Wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles
  • Agricultultural production with spcialization in plant propagation
  • Construction, including design
  • Transport services and storage

Total population of Bauska municipality is approximately 25 000 inhabitants. Decades ago Bauska has been famous for its manufacturing traditions, especially in food processing industry.

Bauska ILP is well integrated to the countries transportation system. For example, Bauska ILP is directly connected with the highway A7 which links the Lithuanian- Latvian border-point Grenctāle as well is connected with the highway A4 through the Riga ringroad which ties up to the Estonian-Latvian border-point Ainaži. Bauska is located approximately 18 km from Lithuania border, 75 km from Riga Freeport and 80 km from Riga International Airport. Bauska ILP does not have a direct railway connection, however it is planned to build a Rail Baltica railway network 2 km from ILP in 2025. ILP can also offer 20 kV transmission line with 2.4 MW substation capacity. Nearby medium and high pressure gas lines are located, as well as water and sever network is integrated. 

Informative booklet about Bauska County Municipality (2015)

The Bauska County is situated in the central part of Latvia and the Zemgale Region, it borders with the Republic of Lithuania and the counties of Iecava, Vecumnieki, Rundāle, Jelgava and Ozolnieki. Zemgale has been called the Granary of Latvia for a long time now. Agriculture, i.e. livestock farming and crop farming, is the main field of entrepreneurship in the Bauska County. The fertile agriculture land and favourable geographical location advance the successful operation of agriculture production processing companies. In the Bauska County, the land used in agriculture covers 52,970.5 ha, and in most cases its fertility rate exceeds 60 points. The forest territories are small, and their total area in the county covers 15,630.3 ha. Via Baltica, i.e. the State main motorway A7 Riga – Bauska – Republic of Latvia, ensures the flows of people and transport in the both direction of Riga and direction of Lithuania. There is also a connection with the international and inter-city traffic direction Russia – Daugavpils – Aizkraukle – Bauska – Eleja – Dobele - Liepaja. The location of Bauska in a traffic hub allows developing the Bauska’s Industrial and Logistics Park (Bauskas Industriālais un loģistikas parks) by constructing a connection from the park to the international motorway Via Baltica.

In accordance with the data of Lursoft Ltd., the largest companies of the Bauska County with annual turnover exceeding 1.5 million Latvian lats are Lielzeltiņi Ltd., Uzvara – lauks Ltd., Cooperative Company of Agricultural Services Saimnieks-V, Korn Ltd., Kvēle Ltd., PS Līdums Ltd., Bauskas alus Ltd., Bauskas tirgotājs Ltd., Abra Trade Ltd. and Latvian-Swedish Firm Bērzkalni. The majority of enterprises operating in the county are micro-enterprises with the number of employees up to 10.

In Bauska, the club of entrepreneurs Bauska 97 has been successfully operating for several years. On the eve of 2012, the Consultative Council for Entrepreneurship was established by supporting an initiative of the club of entrepreneurs Bauska 97. The objective of the council is to promote the development of entrepreneurship in the Bauska County.

In the recent years, over 70 projects of infrastructure facilitation and improvement have been implemented in the Bauska County using the European Union’s funds, which have resulted into the creation of an environment for the successful development of entrepreneurship. Facilitated environment and rich culture historic heritage promote the recognisability of the Bauska County also beyond the borders of the county.