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The Bauska County in Facts and Figures

–    Area: 786.7 km2 of which 6.14 km2 is covered by Bauska Town;
–    80.4% of the county’s territory is covered by agricultural land and 13% is covered by forests;
–    Bauska Town is situated 68 km from Riga, 62 km from Jelgava, 19 km from the border of Latvia – Lithuania;
–    Total length of Bauska Town streets is 37 km;
–    The Bauska County borders with 5 counties (Iecava, Vecumnieki, Jelgava, Rundāle, Ozolnieki) and the border of Lithuania;
–    The Bauska County has 9 administrative units - Brunava Parish, Ceraukste Parish, Code Parish, Dāviņi Parish, Īslīce Parish, Gailīši Parish, Mežotne Parish, Vecsaule Parish.

–    Population of the county in 15.01.2019. was 2
4 370;
–    Population in Bauska – 8829; 
–    Population density: 30 residents/km2;

Largest newspapers in the county: “Bauskas Dzīve”.

Educational institutions:

–    11 general education institutions, 
–    2 preschool education institutions, 
–    3 vocational and interests education institutions (Bauskas Bērnu un jaunatnes sporta skola (Bauska Children and Youth Sports School), Bauskas Mūzikas un Mākslas skola (Bauska Music and Art School), Bauskas Bērnu un jauniešu centrs (Bauska Children and Youth Centre)).


Twinning towns:
–    Hedemora, Sweden,
–    Pakroja, Lithuania,
–    Rypin, Poland,
–    Nahoda, Czech Republic,
–    Radviliskis, Lithuania,
–    Khashuri, Georgia,
–    Soroco, Moldova,
-    Biržai, Lithuania,
-    Pasvalys, Lithuania.


The Bauska County has:
–    The Bauska Nature Park which is included in the list of NATURE 2000. 
–    The Īslīce Nature Protected Area which is included in NATURE 2000 and is the home of the fire-bellied toads.
–    the Nature Protected Area „Paņemūnes meži” which is included in NATURE 2000.
–    57 national importance cultural and historic monuments.